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Haha!! You're the one that bought the used gauges for $100!? I was watching that auction on eBay and planned to bid but missed it while at work. Thanks for the tips. I'll prolly wait for another used ZR-7 gauge to pop up on eBay. How'd you mount the gauges to your bike? The guy that sold you the gauges said he was gonna sell the mount separately. I figure a guy could make his own rather easy.
Hahaha, yes, t'was me.

I would definitely try to get the stock mount (or make one just like it) - it mounts the headlight, turn signal, and gauges. I've added arrows where the gauge mounts. I'm fairly certain I'll end up mounting a windscreen to this bracket, as well =D


As far as plug and play, any of those models would *probably* work out of the box, but like Obo said, some of the wires may be swapped or extra. For example, those ZRX gauges have a temp light which we won't use. It is gear driven, use the same speedo cable from your 7S gauges. It just sticks straight out instead of coming in from the bottom.

This is the thread he was talking about, there's a bunch of pictures and info there.

My ZR-7S was stolen...then recovered.

Edit: Oh, my 'new' gauges came in last night, turns out I put my speedo gear in at a weird angle, and the kink it make in the cable caused it to break. So my chinese gauges *do* work, all except for the needle I broke while fiddling around with it.