ZX9R Camshaft upgrade questions



ZX9R Camshaft upgrade questions

This is a discussion on ZX9R Camshaft upgrade questions within the Z1K/Z750 Performance Upgrades forums, part of the Kawasaki Z1000, Ninja 1000, Z800, Z750 & Z-750S category; Hi all. I have a few questions regarding the upgrade to ZX9R camshafts in my first gen Z1000. To start off, here are my current ...

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    ZX9R Camshaft upgrade questions

    Hi all. I have a few questions regarding the upgrade to ZX9R camshafts in my first gen Z1000. To start off, here are my current mods-
    - Lightened flywheel
    - ZX9R full system
    - Power commander
    - ZX10r Throttle bodies
    - Opened airbox
    - Quickshifter

    So all is well and everything is running nicely as is. Here are my questions regarding the cams-

    I have already got the cams and the springs needed for the install. but I've held off because I know I will need to raise the rev limit to get the benefit of the cams. My plan is to install a z750 ECU. My first question is what year do I need? I have used the search function to death, maybe I;'m just not very good at it, which is entirely possible knowing me! But there's no real clear answer. Apparently some will give me an FI light and i definitely don't want that.

    My other question regarding the ECU is how high will it raise the revs and what do i do about fuel mapping for the extra RPM? As my power commander only goes as high as the current RPM limit.

    Also, as the z750 ECU will have a fuel map for a 750, my current power commander map is going to be very lean isn't it? Does anyone have a map that I could use as a base map, or know where I could get one?

    Sorry for all the questions chaps, but this has been bugging me to the point of not doing the mod, and I'm dying to do it!

    Thanks in advance

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    If you want to raise the revs, change in priority the valve springs (put zx9r double springs).
    You can't put directly ZX9R camshafts in your Z1000,you must drill a hole in zx9r exhaust camshaft for install the cam actuator.
    Have you got a euro Z1000 with antitheft system?

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    Invest in a power commander V with autotune and get an ignition module to raise the recline to 12500 then you could advance the timing a couple degrees below 8 grand so you won't lose bottom end with the zx9 cam and still pick up on top. Otherwise you'll most likely end up with the efi light on which doesn't hurt anything and 12250 redline plus needing a good bit of dyno time

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