So my bike was stalling after a few minutes riding it and would loose power and sometime die. Also it would die when i chopped the throttle in N. In order to fix this i had to turn the bike off and then back on after the Fuel pump had time to prime. I didn't think it was a bad pump because it only happened after a while of riding. took it to the one of the local spots, Racetrack Powersports FWB FL, paid them $75 to tell me yup the fuel pump is bad it's losing voltage at RPM. First thing, if voltage is a problem woulnd't that be related to an electrical problem??? 2nd thing also was it didnt make sense to me because again it wasnt happening all the time only after a few min down the road. SOOOO.....trying to save myself a couple hundred bucks i took my fuel pump out and completly tore it down. SO much F**kin rust stuck in their it wasnt even funny. Long story short, rebuilt the pump, left the filter off, re-installed the pump replaced the OEM fuel line with regular fuel hose with an in-line filter. Gas it and threw a little fuel treatment in their and what do you know, all problems mentioned above fixed, bike runs like a dream. SO, jacked up filters CAN cause your bike to loose power and die and easily fool you into a bad fuel pump so check it first, and also if anyone is ever in FWB DO NOT go to Racetrack because their full of ****! Thanks!